Here's an overview of the various services I can provide to you in order to assist you with the various aspects of a successful EPLAN roll-out.

For a comprehensive list, I invite you to contact me to discuss your specific needs.


Expert software is not something you can learn by yourself. I often use the analogy of flying an helicopter. Nobody would ever consider undertaking self-training for such a specialized task.

Unfortunately, many EPLAN users fall into the trap of thinking they can learn the tool by themselves, opening the door wide to mistakes that, though they can easily be fixed at the beginning, become increasingly costly to fix as time passes.

Avoid the common trap of not knowing what you don't know, and give your design team a solid foundation so they can start on the right path, avoiding mistakes that will set you back.

Though I offer basic and advanced training, all my training can be customized to your specific industry on demand.


Starting on the right foot is the only road to success. With its extensive interface, it's easy to miss important aspects of the EPLAN environment whose initial setup is crucial.

When first installing the EPLAN platform, especially in multi-user environments, having someone help you configure things right is an invaluable asset.

I've setup hundreds of such environments, and I know the right questions to ask before jumping in.

Put all the chances on your side by letting me assist you with this most important phase of your EPLAN roll-out.


While EPLAN offers a lot of possibilities "out of the box", your specific production process will certainly require some level of customizing.

Whether you want to organize your plot frame to your taste, or have EPLAN's reports tailored to your specific needs, I can get you up and running quickly.

With its wide range of reports and available properties, it's easy to become lost. Don't waste your time trying to figure it out on your own. Let me help you do it. You can always assist custom training at a later stage.

API development

Even with all its built-in functionalities, the EPLAN platform still requires the development of custom tools to accommodate the wide variety of workflows.

Whether you need to integrate directly with an ERP/PDM system, automate various tasks, or create custom validations (check project), the EPLAN API is the perfect tool that unlocks an infinity of possibilities.

I'm currently one of the only self-employed EPLAN trained API developer in the Americas. I've developed solutions for the likes of Siemens, Rockwell, and GE. I've been developing such tools for more than 20 years, and I possess a very wide understanding of production environments.

Requirement analysis

Are you considering purchasing the EPLAN platform? I can assist you in determining the proper combination of modules and add-ons to achieve your specific workflows and use-cases.

Electric P8, Pro-Panel, Pre-Planning, Fluid, API, etc. are all integrated onto a common back-end, or database, which makes sharing design data between the various disciplines of engineering.

I have a wide knowledge of the major products available on the platform, which allows me to assist you in making the right decision before going ahead with this important decision.

Other services

On top of all the services I offer in terms of implementing and customizing the EPLAN platform, I can also join your design team for on demand help with your schematics.

My 35 years of experience in the domain of automation allow me to quickly understand your designs and workflows.

I have a web of contacts with other EPLAN freelancers which I can also recommend.