Luc Morin, C.E.T. / T.P.

EPLAN consultant

I've been working in the field of Industrial Automation as an Electrical Engineering Technologist for the past 35 years. I specialize in implementing the EPLAN platform, in training users on the good practices of electrical design, and in helping organizations setup a solid production documentation system.

My mission is to assist OEMs in setting up an EPLAN based production documentation system by sharing my extensive knowledge and experience of this domain.

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The EPLAN platform

The EPLAN platform is a highly specialized family of software, developed from the ground-up for industrial automation designers. The road to its successful roll-out, as with any specialized system, requires proper training and consulting resources.

I'm here to help

I've been using EPLAN software, such as Electric P8 and Pro Panel, for more than 20 years now. I've helped dozens of customer's all over the world with their implementations. I understand the importance of providing guidance to new users, and I know the common pitfalls in which users fall.


From help in selecting the required modules, to commissioning them, I can assist you on the path to a successful EPLAN roll-out. These are the most common services I offer:


Training your users is the foundation of your success. I've trained hundreds of users over the past 20 years.

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Proper commissioning of expert software is another key toward your success with the EPLAN platform. I help dozens of companies during this critical phase.

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EPLAN's customizing is very extensive. Getting all the proper reports and data out of your projects is tantamount to good communications within your operations.

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API development

While all software have limitations, EPLAN allows one to develop custom tools, known as add-ins. With those, you can automate many repetitive tasks. I'm one of the few worldwide EPLAN trained specialists with the necessary knowledge to develop such custom tools.

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Requirements analysis

The EPLAN platform is modular, and it can be daunting to select the modules that will bring results as soon as possible, and avoid unnecessary purchases.

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Other services

My services offering covers a wide range, from design work, to resource imparting,

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